8 Piece Full Size Makeup Brush Set with Glitter Handles and Carry Bag

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Hot Pink Faux Patton Leather Brush Bag with Snap Closures and 8 Brushes.

Set of 8 Makeup Brushes 

1. Powder Brush to apply powder all over the face and body
2. Blush Brush makes applying blush on cheekbones effortless
3. Blurring Brush used to evenly distribute foundation or help with buffing, blurring, contouring, or blush application
4. Eyeshadow Blender Brush used for applying and blending eyeshadow
5. Eyeliner/Brow Brush used to define eyeline and brows
6. Concealer Brush used to conceal the inside corner under the eye
7. All Over Shadow Brush used to apply a base shadow color on eye lids
8. Highlighter Brush used to add highlights to the face and body


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