Styling Hair Brushes in Silver/Set of 3

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Set of 3 Hair Brushes 

Anti-Static Paddle Brush
1 Piece
A favorite brush among all hair types! This brush helps to detangle hair quickly while also taming frizz for curly or wavy hair types. For help styling your hair straight, use this brush with bristles facing up while blow drying your hair from root to end.

Styling Tunnel Vent Brush
1 Piece
Vents between the fixed bristles of this brush help allow for maximum airflow. This not only helps with drying time but also helps to add volume to your desired hairstyle.

Pro Round Styling Brush
1 piece
Use this brush to help achieve salon style results at home. Hold the brush horizontally focusing on the crown of your head while blow drying to create lift & volume. Use the brush vertically, to help create curls.

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